Learning How to Flow With Life

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Learning How to Flow With Life

Learning to flow with life is a game of letting go of control and beginning to allow yourself to feel present and safe in your body. If control is something that feels incredibly familiar, and uncertainty feels scary, letting go and allowing yourself to flow can feel challenging. Although, it is far from impossible.

Ways We Control

The ways you may control yourself, others, and your life can be varied. You may have been conditioned to believe it is not safe to feel emotions, so control shows up as repressing your emotions. It could show up as appearing differently around different people to control what they think of you. Control could also look like always having a plan and sticking to it come hell or high water to feel safe.

The important thing about control to remember is that, while healthy amounts of control do exist and can help you reach your goals, the need to be in control can end up controlling you and create anxiety when you find yourself in a situation you cannot control. It may be helpful to learn how to let go and allow yourself to flow.

What Letting Go of Control Requires

Letting go of control requires you to accept uncertainty, lean into the discomfort that arises when you let go of familiar habits, and resist falling into rigid control. You must find new ways of being in a relationship with yourself, others, and life that is not rooted in control but rooted in acceptance, allowance, and openness.

Making Peace With Uncertainty

Ultimately, choosing to let go of control is just that—a choice you have to make. In making this choice for yourself, you also allow yourself to make peace with uncertainty. Making peace with uncertainty allows even the strictest of control to begin to fall away as you practice being aware of how control shows up in your life. Practicing letting go helps you answer questions about what to do and who to be.

Life can feel safe but small when you are stuck in your head and disconnected from your body, controlling and micromanaging everything that is happening around you. Letting go of control, although scary, is what allows you to begin to make peace with uncertainty and flow with life.

Letting go of control is a learning curve while in recovery from mental illness and addiction. While letting go of control can be challenging, it is also how you begin to dance with your life instead of controlling it. At Avalon Malibu, we realize how unfamiliar this may feel and are here to support you as you build awareness around how you can let go of control to live a freer life. To learn more about how you can begin treatment with Avalon Malibu, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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