Finding Motivation to Recover

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Finding Motivation to Recover

Finding the motivation to recover when you are tired of healing can be difficult. Although it would be nice if the motivation was always present, this is not usually the case. To continue choosing recovery, remind yourself why you started in the moments when motivation feels absent and your recovery becomes vulnerable.

Remembering Your Why

It can be helpful to remember your “why” for recovery. Remembering why you are doing what you are doing can give you the hope and inspiration you need in the moments when you are tempted to resort to old, unhealthy patterns of behavior. Remind yourself what recovery is going to allow you to gain as you let go of old ways of being.

Embodying What It Will Feel Like on the Other Side

Another helpful, healthy practice to try in recovery is to envision what it is going to feel like when you have met the goals you have for yourself. Perhaps you lean into what it may feel like to be free from negative self-talk or put addictive tendencies that no longer once controlled you far in the rearview.

Perhaps you imagine what it will be like to believe and trust in yourself. Whatever it is, leaning into where you are headed—while still being mindful of the present and accepting where you are—can help you shift your energy in the moment.

Reminding Yourself What the Alternative Is

If connecting to your why and embodying what recovery may feel like after you are further along in your journey feels hard to access, you can always remember what the alternative to choosing recovery is: staying stuck and lost in addictive habits that, while they might feel comfortable and familiar, do not allow you to receive and experience the freedom, healing, and wellness you deserve and are capable of.

Recovery is challenging. In the challenging moments where it feels hard to continue showing up, remembering your why, embodying the feelings you desire to feel, and reminding yourself what would happen if you do not choose recovery can all give you the momentum you need to keep going.

Choosing to recover from addiction is a brave and challenging choice. Recovery can feel especially hard if motivation is not present. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize that motivation won’t always be there, but we are here to support you in discovering what your “why” of recovery is, tapping into your healthy self, and remembering why you are choosing recovery. We have all the tools you need to help you in your journey. To learn more about how you can begin treatment with Avalon Malibu, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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