The Importance of Having a Mindful Movement Routine

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The Importance of Having a Mindful Movement Routine

Integrating mindful movement into your life can be beneficial in easing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Because of the role the mind-body connection plays in healing, movement is an integral piece of healing—mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mindful movement helps you get in touch with your mind, body, and spirit.

What Is the Mind-Body Connection?

Simply put, the mind-body connection is the connection the mind has with the body, and the body has with the mind. To use the mind-body connection to your advantage, it is essential to understand that states of the mind influence conditions of the body, and vice versa.

Because of the undeniable connections between the two, incorporating holistic elements into treatment plans in recovery from mental illness and addiction is crucial for long-term healing.

What Is Mindful Movement?

When you think of fitness, what comes to mind? For many, perspectives and intentions with physical fitness may be rooted in weight loss or muscle building. Although normalized, this perspective on fitness can lead to unhealthy relationships with food and exercise or an inability to maintain a physical movement routine that works for you.

Framing physical movement as mindful movement can allow you to begin relating to movement through the lens of connecting with your body and moving it in ways that feel good and honor both your body and mind.

Benefits of Mindful Movement

Physical movement as a whole can decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, as long as your relationship with movement is rooted in the intention of acceptance rather than shame. Moving your body can also increase your mental resilience and the connection you have with your body, which can lead to feelings of self-empowerment and self-trust.

To heal from the inside out, you must incorporate both the mind and the body. You can do this by connecting emotional aspects of healing with physical aspects of healing, like with mindful movement. By reframing your mindset around exercise, approaching it with mindfulness, and finding what feels good for you, movement can create space for healing to ensue.

The role of the mind-body connection in healing is important to honor through a holistic treatment plan while in recovery from mental illness and addiction. In incorporating mindful movement, be aware of the reasons and intentions behind why you are moving your body. This fosters a healthy relationship with both your mind and body. At Avalon Malibu, we approach healing through a holistic lens and honor the role the mind-body connection plays in recovery. We are here to support you as you start or continue your journey to wellness. Call Avalon Malibu at (844) 857-5992.

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