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Recovery for mental health is a process of empowerment, self-actualization, and growth. Taking on the huge task of treatment and recovery is no small feat! Help yourself feel empowered in your journey with these simple practices.

Forget Perfectionism

Perfect simply isn’t real. Trying to live up to various standards of perfection isn’t realistic. Holding ourselves to unachievable goals only leads to disappointments and resentments toward ourselves. We are the last person we need to be treating with bitterness and remorse. Realize that each day you are doing the best you can within your current capacity. When and if you are able to do more, you will!

Own It

Empowerment is about owning it. You’re working it, you’re doing it, now it is time to take full ownership of your recovery. Even when you experience negative emotions and difficult days- own it! Taking responsibility for your emotions instead of placing the blame on other people is empowering because you’re allowing yourself to work through your own stuff. Keep your head held high and march through your experiences.

You Deserve Your Kindness Too

If only people knew some of the things we say to ourselves in our minds. It’s likely we would never talk to a friend about certain things the way we talk to ourselves. We are no less deserving of our kindness than the other people in our lives- no matter how convinced we are of the contrary. Treat yourself gently and with compassion through positive self talk, self-care, and empowering practices like these.

Talk To Yourself In The Mirror

Everyone needs a little pep talk now and then. Get your morning started full of motivation by telling yourself what you need to hear. Sometimes when we don’t hear positive things about ourselves from other people we start to think they aren’t true. Take the empowering step to tell them to yourself. You can believe it on your own!

Ask For Support From The People Who Support You

Validation never hurt anyone. You’re going to need reminders from the people who have watched you take this journey. On a day when you’re swept up in the negative and can’t find your way out, ask for support. Let someone remind you of how far you’ve come and what a great job you’re doing in your recovery.

Fake It Till You Make It

When all else fails, just pretend. You don’t have to believe every pep talk, every kind word, or every inspiring quote supposed to make you feel better. All you have to do is try. Chances are, if you force yourself to pretend like you believe, eventually you will.

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