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Sixty percent of people in relationships are not satisfied. Typical problems contribute: finances, stress, lackluster sex life, children, and smartphones. A decade ago, smartphones weren’t part of anyone’s problem. Since smartphones became an integrated part of life, study has been conducted to understand how deeply that integration goes. Various studies have revealed that smartphone interaction changes our brain chemistry, causes insomnia, contributes to depression, and can make us feel more isolated from the world.


“Phubbing” is the clinical term created by researchers to describe the relational phenomena of paying more attention to your phone than your partner, friend, or family member. Phone “snubbing” is the technological equivalent to plain old emotional neglect. How often would one be checking their smartphone to cause such emotional distress in their partner? Statistically, we check our smartphones at least once every 6.5 minutes, which equates to 150 times per day, according to Medical Daily.


Checking our smartphones has become both impulsive and compulsive. We not only suffer a strong urge, or impulse, to pick up our phones, but we feel a compulsion to do so. The driving force encouraging us to connect, as well as disconnect, is problematic for both the phone-checker and the person left behind. Most people feel that their compulsive need to interact with their phones not only harms the people they are with, but harms their ability to be with people at all.

Overall Satisfaction

Lack of satisfaction in our romantic partnerships, or any of our relationships, has a very profound impact on how we feel about life. Life is enriched by our relationships and often we define the quality of life by the quality of our relationships. For those in recovery from substance use disorders or mental health disorders, improving the quality of relationships is no doubt in direct correlation with improving the quality of life. Drug and alcohol addiction kept us from fully enjoying our lives and the people within it. Mindless things like interacting with our smartphones shouldn’t continue to prove to be the same problem. Thankfully, the model of recovery shows us that we are capable of change, of being present, and of interacting authentically with our fellow man.

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