Owning Your Addiction And Your Recovery

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“You have to own it” is a popular phrase in the world of therapeutic treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. One might thinking that “owning” drug addiction or alcoholism is something one wouldn’t want to do at all. Rather, one would want to have nothing to do with owning any more drugs, alcohol, or their affiliated disorders. Motivational speaker and leader of the self-help movement Brene Brown once said, “Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do.” There is something both valuable and satisfactory about ownership.

Who Owns Whom?

According to Happify Daily, “…we value things more highly as soon as we own them…neural studies show that that there is a connection between our sense of self and the things we own. These studies help explain why we’re reluctant to part with family heirlooms, and why some people become hoarders.” Drugs and alcohol are tangible items, but addiction and alcoholism are not. They are mental health disorders which feel as though they become part of who one is. Yet at the same time they feel separate and apart. Most who have lived with addiction and alcoholism but come through the other side of recovery will relate this fact: most of the time it feels as though addiction and alcoholism are owning oneself and not the other way around.  

Notable philosopher friedrich Nietzsche once said this about ownership: “…No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” It’s hard to give drugs and alcohol up because they are things we once felt we had ownership of, yet, felt owned by. As Happify Daily points out, we value that which we own. We have to come to terms and own our stories, no matter how horrible they might be. We have to own our recovery and ourselves as addicts and alcoholics in recovery because as soon as we do we create value for ourselves, becoming more willing to hold onto our sober lives.

Admit to a Problem

How do we own up? First, we recognize and admit that we have a problem. Second, we seek guidance in treating that problem. Third, we realize that the problem was of our own making and accept that we cannot get through it alone. The more we deny our problem, the worse it will get. Shame can get in the way of taking ownership, but it’s a hefty price to pay. Let go of the same and own your recovery today.

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