What Is Drama Therapy?

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According to the New York University, drama therapy is defined as “The intentional use of theater techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote health, thus treating individuals with a range of mental health, cognitive and developmental disorders.”

Those who become drama therapists are not specialized in either drama or clinical therapy, but both. Utilizing a full skill set from both disciplines, a drama therapist is able to provide the use of many tools to their clients. Drama therapy is interdisciplinary, drawing from multiple sources including:

  • Drama
  • Theater
  • Psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Anthropology
  • Play therapy
  • The creative process
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Clinical therapy
  • And more

Benefits Of Drama Therapy

Utilizing the power of performance and therapy can help with communication, accessing emotions, and revealing truths. Trusting fellow participants with personal information can also help encourage healthy relationships where this is open communication. Most people experience a level of performance anxiety which can closely mirror the experience of struggling with social anxiety. Overcoming internal and external fears for the sake of authentic expression can change pathways in the brain and help create new habits.

Therapeutically, creating “scenes” for drama therapy can be a creative method for processing difficult memories. Trauma can be relived in a safe environment by working through the event without having to completely relieve it. For addicts and alcoholics, a drama therapy session can also help proces cravings to relapse. By acting out a relapse and witnessing the real reactions of people, there can be a detachment from the need to use.

Leaving some things to the imagination causes more harm than good in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Emotional immaturity is common in those who struggle with chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol. The drama therapy platform helps recovering addicts use their imagination to create new realities and possibilities while seeing the fruition of their internal thoughts as well.

Avalon By The Sea proudly incorporates the use of drama therapy as one of our many treatment methods and therapeutic modalities. We understand that not every person’s journey to recovery will look the same. Providing a wealth of healing resources to each client’s individual needs helps create a unique program specifically for each client. For a confidential assessment and more information on our residential treatment programs, call 1 888-958-7511.

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