Natural Ways to Boost Endorphins

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It’s normal to feel down and out every once in a while. Recovery is an emotionally-charged time and our brains are adjusting to our substance-free life and new environments. After having relied on our substance(s) of choice, it can be difficult to know how to find those happy feelings without drugs and/or alcohol. This is where endorphins come into play. Endorphins are substances found in the body that relieve feelings of pain while increasing positive feelings. There are many simple, natural, and safe ways to increase endorphin activity in the brain. Here, we’ll examine some lifestyle habits to employ if you’re looking to boost positivity and overall happiness.

Laugh More

This seems like an obvious one. However, laughter truly is the best medicine and an easy way to boost endorphins. Laughter also improves overall immune system functioning. Spend time with people who make you laugh, watch funny movies, and allow yourself to laugh like you did when you were a kid.

Help People

Volunteering your time to people in need or simply offering your assistance to a friend or loved one has been shown to make us happier. Helping others is a win-win situation. You get an endorphin boost while helping someone with a problem.

Enjoy the Sun

Basking in the sunshine is a free, easy, and quick way to feel better. Apart from vitamin D that the sun provides, the bright light and warmth of the sun make for an instant mood lift. Exercise outside or find a few minutes each day to sit in the sun and appreciate its vibrancy.


This is probably the most famous way to increase endorphins. You’ve probably heard of the phenomenon known as “runner’s high,” where endorphins get released in the body after you’ve been running for a certain amount of time. Weight training, running, biking, hiking, or yoga are great exercise options to increase positive feelings.

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