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Whether you are seeking treatment or are looking for a convenient way to manage your symptoms of stress, anxiety, or a physical/mental illness, phone applications are becoming ever-more popular in the field of health and self-care. The variety of apps available allows you to select one that works best for you – and the convenience provides you with the opportunity to keep track of your progress on your own time. The following are some wonderful (and free!) apps that you should try today:


  • Calm. Branded as Apple’s “App of the Year” in 2017, this app is designed to help you reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and feel happier. There are 4 key areas this app focuses on: meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation. Breathing programs and sounds from nature will help you to de-stress.
  • Headspace. This app focuses on mindfulness and meditation, and will give you hundreds of guided practices to choose from. Through this you will be able to reduce your stress and develop healthier connections in your relationships.
  • Mood path. Asking you daily questions, this app will assess your daily well-being by monitoring any rough patches you experience throughout the day and then guiding you through it. There are many exercises available to help you monitor your mood, and then the app will later create a document that you can bring to your health care professional for discussion.
  • 7 Cups. Medical News Today states that this app provides online therapy and community support for those experiencing stress, anxiety, and more. The app also allows you to complete daily activities towards bettering your health.
  • Happify. Aimed to help you overcome any negative thoughts, this app uses positive psychology and mindfulness to help you regain control over your emotions and break unhelpful, negative thought patterns.


The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that mental health apps “can be effective in making therapy more accessible, efficient, and portable.” The organization often reviews apps and assesses their credibility, user experience, and data transparency. Calm and Headspace have both been featured as “Specialty Selected Apps” for the organization. If you are thinking about using technology to benefit your mental health, consider downloading one of these apps on your phone.





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