Finding Love and Support in Treatment

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Many people who’ve battled with mental illness and addiction have been neglected or forgotten by their loved ones because they were deemed “too hard to deal with”. As humans, we all experience painful situations and moments in life, but it can be particularly destroying to feel as though we’re not being loved unconditionally by those who matter most to us. A treatment center should not be a place that perpetuates these feelings – it should be a place of love, acceptance, and nurturement so that a person can thrive in recovery. 

In many cases, both addiction and mental illness have developed out of painful situations from the past or even difficult emotions. Treatment programs that focus strictly on changing outward behavior, or ones that only provide support only for what’s seen on the physical side cannot truly provide their clients with unconditional love – the parts that make everyone human cannot be recognized. The reality is that addiction and mental illness involve more than just themselves; they involve finances, health, relationships, nutrition and so much more, and all of these aspects of living need to be tended to as well.

You deserve to have full support throughout your recovery. Not receiving this could be very detrimental to your success in recovery; unfortunately, too many people are discharged from treatment and come back over and over again, not achieving their desired results because they weren’t given the proper love and care to begin with. This case, as well as previous research, underlines the importance of full love and support as you work to better yourself in recovery. You should feel that your voice is heard and that your preferences – if they are in line with what you need – are met. 

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