Latest trend involves taking small doses of psychedelic drugs

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Many of us who experience anxiety and depression have trouble with daily tasks such as completing deadlines or attending meetings; pangs of fear regarding social environments or deep feelings of hopelessness can leave us isolated and unmotivated. While there are many effective treatment methods to help rid some of the unwanted symptoms of anxiety and depression, a new trend is taking place that involves illegal drugs.

Known as “micro-dosing”, this technique involves taking minute quantities of drugs such as LSD or psilocybin (magic mushrooms) or mescaline (found in the Peyote cactus) every few days to enhance creativity, productivity, heighten alertness, and boost energy. The Huffington Post notes that most people dose once every three days in the morning, and the doses are so small that they provide just enough for benefit but not enough for a heightened “trip”. How did this technique come about?

Dr. Albert Hoffman, the Swiss chemist who discovered LSD, engaged in micro-dosing for a few decades of his life, and lived to be age 102. At age 100 he was giving lectures at the University still, and he stated that it helped him clarify his thinking. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies covered an interview that was done with Dr. Hoffman in 1996, where he discussed his perspective of the power of psychedelics to allow further entrance into a “spiritual world” with deeper understanding of life and its meaning. He discussed how psychedelic drugs became illegal, and how perhaps further medical research could provide an opening for these drugs to re-enter psychological treatment in the future. He described the psychedelic situation in the past as this,

“And back at that time, there were unfortunately many occasions where psychedelics were not treated with proper respect… the psychedelics came to be feared, and were taken out of the hands of responsible investigators and psychiatrists. It was a great loss for medicine and psychiatry, and for mankind.”

While many people report benefits of micro-dosing, there has not yet been enough research to conclude that it is a safe and effective mode of treatment. Always consult a physician before taking any kind of drug and seek medical help if you experience any dangerous side effects.





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