If I Have a Mental Health Disorder and an Addiction, Can I Get Help?

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Millions of people suffer from both a mental illness and an addiction, and there are so many resources to assist an individual in recovery. From therapists to treatment programs, anyone can get the help that they need. Recovery is a courageous, beneficial step to living a healthy, balanced life and can increase a person’s overall happiness and well-being.

Suffering from a mental illness and an addiction is called having a co-occurring or dual disorder. This is best treated through integrated care, such as therapy and medical treatment, and there are many excellent programs that health facilities provide to assist individuals who suffer from this. Having a co-occurring disorder does not mean that the person has “too much wrong with them” or that there are no resources out there. Co-occurring disorders are quite common because many individuals do not realize that they suffer from a mental illness and therefore try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to relieve the negative symptoms they are experiencing.

Integrated dual disorder treatment (IDDT) is a common evidence-based form of treatment that focuses on both mental health and substance abuse treatment, typically in the same facility and with the same healthcare team. Research has shown that this form of treatment has been effective in working with individuals who suffer from co-occurring disorders. This form of treatment helps reduce relapse, hospitalization, arrest, duplication of services, and more by providing comprehensive care to the individual. By utilizing IDDT, a person will experience increased continuity of care, increased quality of life outcomes, stable housing, and independent living, which will help the person manage their co-occurring disorders while receiving optimal care.

There are several core components of IDDT. Here is a small, but not exhaustive, list of some of the amazing components of this form of treatment:

  • Motivational interventions
  • Group treatment
  • Assertive outreach
  • Access to comprehensive services (housing, employment, etc.)
  • Participation in alcohol and drug self-help groups

People who suffer from two or more disorders are not alone. Everyone struggles with something, and the closer a person can get to understanding themselves better is a closer step towards making a more positive change for themselves. Recovery isn’t a far reach and the first step that a person must take is to speak to a doctor to determine the most effective individualized treatment plan.

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