Your Treatment Plan Should Include Realistic Goals

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For people who have decided to take the courageous path towards recovery, goals are an incredible component of treatment and serve as milestones towards successful change. By setting realistic goals, a person can be well on their way to a healthier life without putting too much pressure on themselves.

Here are just a few examples and suggestions to ensure those goals are feasible:

Unrealistic: “I will have a full-time job established by the end of this week.”

Realistic: “I will continue to apply to at least 3 jobs a day, and I will strive towards obtaining a part-time job, at the least, within six weeks.”

By deciding on a specific number of jobs to apply to each day, the person can easily keep track of where they are at. By opening the person’s perspective to part time jobs, they are also giving themselves enough room to breathe and subtly transition into the lifestyle that they want, without placing too much stress on themselves. Plus, by the person being open to a part-time job as well, they are opening their window of opportunity even more.

Unrealistic: “I will not feel so down anymore.”

Realistic: “Anytime that I am feeling sad or upset, I will do 2 things: 1) write down my thoughts in a journal, and 2) do something for self-care, whether it be talking to a friend, watching a funny movie, or taking a hot, relaxing shower.”

By determining a plan of action for what a person will do if they are feeling depressed, that person has more specific steps they can take towards their well-being. The person can easily write their specific goal and hang it up or put it somewhere they will easily be able to find so that if they experience this, they have an excellent reminder of what to do.


  • Determine how to know when the goal has been met
  • Set time limits to have something completed by so that one can hold themselves accountable
  • Be flexible – goals may alter or change completely as one realizes what works best for them
  • Be patient – goals take time to reach, so keep working hard towards those goals because reaching them is entirely possible!
  • Find resources that help achieve those goals
  • Understand that accountability is important and embrace it




Establishing goals are a critical component of recovery and with each goal surpassed, the person will be able to feel more confident that they are working through their treatment successfully. Each small step towards a healthier lifestyle is a victory and that person should be proud to know that they are actively working towards that.

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