Is Motivational Enhancement Therapy the Best Relapse Prevention?

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There are several types of treatment and prevention models that are used in healthcare facilities. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is a counseling approach designed to assist individuals with their uncertainty around treatment and stopping their use of drugs.

In motivational enhancement therapy, the aim is to spark internal motivation for change, rather than having someone walk directly through specific steps to recover. Individuals often understand the negative impact that their addiction has on their health, family life, or social functioning, but does not feel very motivated to change their habits. This type of therapy is person-centered, and allows the individual to work with a caring therapist who will help them see things more objectively. Here are a few components of motivational enhancement therapy:

  • Developing and expressing empathy – individuals learn how their actions affect others and can be used to motivate change
  • Acknowledge the difference between a person’s own thoughts and reality of the situation
  • No arguments – the therapist does not argue with the client over their addiction, rather they promote positive and productive responses from the client
  • Accepting resistance – therapists work with clients on their resistance to treatment
  • Understanding the truth – therapists help their clients see that they do have the power and potential to overcome their addiction and lead a healthy, well balanced life

Although motivational enhancement therapy doesn’t promise relapse prevention, it does supply the person with their own reasons for why they do not want to relapse, which can be very beneficial and could greatly aid in their recovery. If someone is afraid of relapsing, they should remember that relapse is a normal part of recovery and is nothing to be ashamed of. That person should reach out to their therapist to discuss what led to them relapsing and come up with an action plan for further triggers.  

After years of research and discovery, there are now several successful treatment methods used to work with clients and assist them through recovery. Each counseling technique takes time to discover the effectiveness for each person, and if one technique doesn’t work, there are a variety of other methods to use. Each person can work successfully through their recovery, and there are so many counselors, support groups, and treatment programs to help anyone overcome their addiction. Recovery is possible and no one has to go through their recovery alone.

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