Mental Health is an Underlying Cause of Addiction

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There are many reasons why a person may fall into addiction – biology, genetics, environmental factors, trauma, and more. Mental health is another worthy cause to consider – many individuals do not realize that they suffer from a mental illness and choose to self-medicate through drugs or alcohol. Conversely, some individuals may fall into addiction and then symptoms of mental illness emerge later. Suffering from an addiction or mental illness does not mean that the person has failed or cannot recover. Many people do not know the resources available for discovering the status of their mental health and thankfully there are several tools that one can utilize to learn more about what they may be going through.

Identifying the characteristics of a mental illness may help someone discover similar symptoms that they are experiencing. By exploring some of the symptoms to mental illness, one can become more active towards their well-being and can take steps to overcome their addiction. Here are a few underlying mental health concerns that may provide insight into addiction:

  • Depression – If someone is feeling hopeless, is having trouble concentrating, is very angry, has trouble with sleeping or eating, has lost interest in daily activities, has a loss of energy, or feels worthless/guilty, that person may turn to alcohol or drugs to cope.
  • Bipolar disorder – If the person feels increased energy, impaired judgment, hyperactivity, anger or rage, unrealistic and grandiose beliefs, intense feelings of euphoria or irritability, or racing thoughts, the individual may be suffering from bipolar disorder and may be relying on drugs or alcohol to deal with these unwanted symptoms.
  • Anxiety – If someone has excessive worry and tension, feeling restless, feeling irritable, experiences racing heart, nausea or shortness of breath, muscle tension or headaches, difficulty concentrating or insomnia, the person may be using drugs or alcohol to cope with their anxiety.

These are only a few mental health concerns that may be underlying addiction, and the best way to know for sure is to be diagnosed by a healthcare professional. Finding the underlying reason for why someone began using drugs or drinking is the first and most crucial step to recovery. There are so many resources available and oftentimes people may be nervous to take that first step towards recovery. Don’t be afraid. So many people have experienced similar symptoms and have taken a similar road. Millions have overcome their addiction through treatment and counseling.

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