How to Know Your Life Purpose

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The importance of finding meaning in your life through your values and vision.

Throughout life, and especially in recovery, it’s common to ask questions about our life’s meaning and purpose. You might find yourself wondering why you’re here, where you’re headed, and why you’re in recovery. These questions are common and completely normal. In fact, it’s great to ask these kinds of questions, as they help us to more fully understand ourselves on more complex levels. Having a purpose helps us to navigate the world in more meaningful ways. Your purpose is like your north star. It guides you through the hard times and acts like a light that you can strive for and live by. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out your life purpose.

What Lights You Up?

What makes you excited about life? Asking yourself what sparks that special feeling of joy and meaning is a great way to get clues about your purpose. Maybe it’s reading, writing, painting, playing basketball, or cooking. Recovery is a great time to start remembering what truly makes you happy.

Your Vision

Do you have a vision for yourself and your future? Perhaps you have some long and short term goals that you’d like to accomplish. You can incorporate your vision for yourself into your life purpose. What does your happiest, most balanced, peaceful, and successful self look like? You might want to literally draw a picture or write down some qualities and attributes.

Your Values

What do you hold in high esteem? What do you place the utmost importance on? Understanding your value system is a great way to start to learn about your life purpose. Some examples of values are sobriety, family, good friends, nature, exercise, serving others, or monetary compensation for your efforts. Making a list of your values will help you navigate your personal and professional life with more meaning and clarity.

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