5 Easy Ways To Boost Creativity

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As kids, our creativity and imagination are often nurtured and encouraged. We played, felt carefree, and ran around. As adults, it’s easy to forget that we are all inherently creative beings, as creativity simply refers to imagination, innovation, vision, and originality. While we all have the potential for creativity and innovation, we don’t always feel the creative fire. You don’t need to be a self-described artist to be creative. We all possess the power of self-expression. In this article, we’ll discuss some simple ways to boost creativity and feel more enlivened.


Meditation is renowned for its many mental, physical, and emotional benefits. When we create space in our minds, creativity and inspiration can enter. We leave room for our imaginations to flourish when we get quiet, sit with ourselves, and practice presence. Through meditation, our senses, which are directly related to creativity, get sharpened and more aware.


You don’t need to be a “writer” in order to write. Whenever something pops into you r head that you find particularly interesting, try to get into the habit of writing it down. You’ll see what an innovative person you actually are. Furthermore, the act of writing itself can help us get more in touch with our creative sides. 

Practice Self-Love

When we’re overly critical of ourselves, we’re less open. Openness and receptivity are crucial elements of feeling creative. Think about it: When you’re in the act of painting, writing, or cooking, being critical or overly editorial during the process actually makes things worse and takes you out of that flow state.

Learn Something New

The brain likes to keep guessing and learning something new, whether it’s sailing, yoga, or a new language or instrument, will get those creative juices flowing and take you out of any rut. Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn, even if it’s a card trick or how to juggle. Your creative mind will thank you.

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