Paths to Recovery: The Art of Creativity

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When it comes to recovery, finding healthy outlets is key. Recovery is a time for growing, learning, and bettering ourselves. A time where we can focus on how our mental illness or addiction affects us and others – and during recovery we develop tools so overcome our addiction or tools to better work with symptoms of a mental illness. These tools are incredibly important – we take them day by day, and over time we transform.

  • Creativity can help individuals process feelings of shame and guilt that many people with addiction face.
  • Individuals who have experienced trauma may be able to see their experiences in a new light: writing, art or role play may help individuals to talk more about their past and work through those issues.
  • Creativity can help regulate emotions – several studies have shown that music, for example, can foster a healing environment and reduce stress.
  • Engaging in creative exercises helps people learn how to cope with loss; researchers from Southern Methodist University examined 63 unemployed individuals and assigned one group an expressive writing assignment regarding their job loss and their feelings towards it and the other group no assignment was given. The study showed the individuals who partook in the writing exercise surrounding job loss were reemployed quicker than the group who did not write about their experience at all.
  • Creative pursuits in recovery can promote mastery of creative skillsets; a 2014 study found that employees who incorporated non-work creative activity experienced improved job performance and reduced work-related stress.
  • Many creative activities promote playfulness – dance, rock climbing, games, and singing are just a few activities that encourage playful behavior. These activities can bring feelings of childlike, carefree attitudes that benefit recovery.
  • When people are engaged in a creative activity, they often become so focused on their project that they experience “creative flow”.




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