How Giving Equals Healing

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How Giving Equals Healing

Its our natural instinct to act selfish and think about our self interests first. There was a speech that was recently made by a famous psychiatrist named Karl Menninger where he explained to an audience member that had asked him how to handle someone with a nervous disposition.

What should the person do if they feel like they’re about to have a nervous breakdown. He replied with a simple statement. To leave your house, find someone in need, and help them. That direction is simple, yet extremely profound.

Giving during this time is especially important because of how erratic everything seems like.

Some ways to practice this include:

  • Do something for your neighbor. Ask them if you can help them in any way.
  • You might have older neighbors that are uncomfortable leaving their house now. You could help them by buying groceries or picking up the newspaper for them.
  • Drop off flowers anonymously to someone’s doorstep. Or give some to people you know.
  • Write an appreciation list for someone you care about. Write for more than one person.
  • Leave positive and loving notes in random places. Maybe in store mirrors or mailboxes.
  • Donate to a charity of your choosing. Donating can benefit an organization immensely no matter how small or big the donation is.
  • Donate to someone you care about charity. It’s always nice to know that people who care about you care about a cause you endorse.
  • Cook something for someone. Look up a recipe of a dish you have not tried yet. Try to cook for someone or bake desserts for your neighbors. People love food.
  • If someone you know is struggling reach out to them more regularly or ask them how you can help. Try active listening. People feel good when you listen and show you care about them.
  • If you are at a store, put back grocery carts or pay for someone’s groceries.

Any of these options will help other people and in turn help you start healing. Because giving to others has been proven to help a person feel good about themselves. Giving distracts us from our regular problems and helps us stay grateful.

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