How Does Neurofeedback Work?

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Neurofeedback is a biofeedback technique that focuses on helping a person train to directly affect brain function. In a sense, neurofeedback helps the brain to heal itself and is used to treat a variety of conditions such as eating disorders, mood disorders, addictions, anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder (ADD). With neurofeedback, a person learns to “self-regulate” by learning how to regulate their brainwave patterns on their own without medications or other forms of therapy. A typical session for neurofeedback is held at least once a week.

Electrodes are applied to a participant’s head and connected to a computer. The patient and the therapist then have the ability to essentially listen to what the brain is doing. While this is happening, the electrodes are sent to a computer and the patient can see and hear images and sounds that correlate. With this, a person can easily understand how their brain works when they are thinking, feeling stressed, feeling relaxed, etc. Essentially, it is like a person playing a video game with their brain!

Each session takes approximately 15-35 sessions, and has been shown to have no side effects. Many people work to retrain their brain patterns in order to relax themselves and control their stress levels. A few individuals shared their success with neurofeedback on The Brain Lady, a website of best-selling author, speaker, and trainer Debra Burdick. Here are some words of success from individuals who follow her:

“Before I started neurofeedback, I had anxiety so bad I couldn’t go to school or see friends. After a few months of neurofeedback, I was back in school, on the honor roll and had a new job. Neurofeedback has been like a miracle in my life.”

Another person stated:

“I have tried a variety of treatment…and neurofeedback is the only thing that has really helped me feel good. I no longer crave alcohol, very rarely get depressed or feel bad about myself – even at a challenging time in my life.”

Many have reported success with neurofeedback. If this is something you are considering, speak with your doctor today to see if this is a technique that you may benefit from. If you’re researching treatment centers, aim to find a reputable center that offers this as a method of treatment. Recovery is possible, and there are many tools you can use.

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