Mental Health Awareness Month: Your Ultimate Guide to Coping Day-by-Day

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Mental health hasn’t always been the most popular topic to discuss, despite its incredible role in our overall happiness and well-being. As Mental Health America (MHA) states, many people don’t talk about mental health because they believe issues surrounding this topic only happen to “someone else”; 54 million Americans experience mental illness each year, and you cannot leave yourself out of the picture. This month, make it a priority to place your mental health at the top of the list – doing so could prevent you from developing a mental disorder, could improve and strengthen your relationships, and could enable you to maximize your capabilities of living a balanced, meaningful life.

First, check in with yourself throughout the day. What does this mean? Take inventory of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and more to get an overall “snapshot” of your mental health. This check in will serve as a basis for you to determine if you need to eat a snack to feel a little better, if you need to exercise to relieve some stress, if you need a hug from a loved one to improve your mental state, if you need a nap to replenish yourself, and more. Much of the problems that we face throughout the day are due to a lack of care when it comes to our mental health – our mind and body do a lot of talking, but when we fail to listen closely, we miss those cues and that causes us to fall behind.

Next, take note of what works and what doesn’t. Are there certain people, places, or things that suddenly cause you to feel mentally drained? This type of event doesn’t just occur spontaneously – again, it’s your mind and body telling you that you can only handle so much. In addition to taking note of who/what you should reduce your time with or avoid altogether, it’s important to reflect on what seems to work for you. In the late afternoon, does a snack seem to help you feel mentally energized again? If so, you now know to make sure you have a small snack each afternoon to help you push forward with the day.
Lastly, seek help if your mental health is significantly and negatively affecting your daily life. The sooner you speak with someone from a reputable treatment program, the sooner you can be on your way towards recovery. Not seeking help could place you at risk for worsening of symptoms or developing another mental illness or addiction – often called a dual diagnosis. Start taking steps towards bettering your mental health today.


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