How Depression Leads to Drinking: Signs to Watch Out For

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How Depression Leads to Drinking: Signs to Watch Out For

The movies tend to depict alcoholism in a sad, grim light – but in many cases, ourselves and our loved ones fall into unhealthy patterns of behavior without even realizing it. Depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the world, and unfortunately, alcohol can appear to be a “quick fix” to masking uncomfortable symptoms when it appears there is no other way out. While most of us depict depression as simply being sad, there’s much more beneath the surface. On the outside looking in, depression may not even be noticeable; we may continue to attend work-related events, thrive in our social lives, or appear fine at home.  You’ll know if you’re experiencing sincere depression if you have:

  •    Anxiety
  •    Apathy
  •    Hopelessness
  •    Loss of interest in activites you used to love
  •    Excessive sleep or insomnia
  •    Excessive hunger
  •    Fatigue
  •    Irritability, excessive crying or social isolation
  •    Weight gain or loss
  •    And more

These subtle signs can creep their way into your life without you even realizing it – and even if you’re experiencing just a few of these symptoms, it’s worth checking up with a doctor on. In 2017, a young woman shared her experience of struggling with alcoholism and depression. She expressed that through her depression, she didn’t always “appear” to be having any problems, even though she was. She stated, “At times, I’m told, I appeared self-assured. I walked with my head up and shoulders back (thanks to years in ballet). I spoke with confidence (thanks to a love of words and theater). From the outside, I probably appeared condescendingly cool at times. But the view looking out was very different.”

It’s hard to face the reality that we’re struggling with depression, and that we’ve been abusing substances to mask the issues we’ve been facing. It’s time to be honest with yourself – and to seek the help you need to recover and restore your life.

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