Vicodin Addiction: Your Loved Ones Might Be in Danger

Vicodin Addiction: Your Loved Ones Might Be in Danger

Vicodin is a prescription narcotic that involves a semi-synthetic opioid, called hydrocodone. Vicodin is considered one of the most addictive painkillers, and tends to be used for high levels of pain that occur after an injury or surgery, for example. As a tablet or in liquid form, vicodin can bring about symptoms of drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation and more – and while it can help reduce those feelings of discomfort that come with pain, it can also lead to dangerous risk levels for addiction. In many cases, it’s because patients begin taking more than prescribed – but for others, the quest for vicodin comes in taking someone else’s medication.

The Truth, a movement that has been working for several years to combat addiction, published the story of a young girl who battled Vicodin addiction after having knee surgery from playing soccer. When her Vicodin prescription ran out, she would take drastic measures – even going as far as to hurt herself – to be given more medication. If you or a loved one are taking Vicodin, it’s important to recognize some of the warning signs that could lead to addiction, so that help can be sought sooner rather than later.

Signs of Vicodin abuse:

  •    Lightheadedness
  •    Confusion
  •    Seizures
  •    Headaches
  •    Ringing in the ears
  •    Constricted pupils
  •    And more

In many cases, we (or our loved ones) may begin acting differently than normal – such as lying about medication use or how often one’s been taking it, stealing and selling items to purchase more drugs or taking drastic measures such as the example listed above. In other cases, Vicodin can carry extremely high risks of overdose – in fact, it has one of the highest rates for emergency room visits because of the hydrocodone contained in it.

If you’re ready to seek help for yourself or for someone you love, speak with a professional from Avalon Malibu today. There are many options for treating Vicodin addiction – but you you have to take the first step and call today.

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