Finding Your Reason to Recover: Motivation for Positive Change

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Finding Your Reason to Recover: Motivation for Positive Change

We all need a strong reason for why we want to improve our lives or make positive changes, and addiction recovery isn’t any different. Everyone’s reason for pursuing a life of sobriety is different – but that reason is incredibly important, because it’s what keeps us motivated. Writer Kendra Sebelius explained for Healthy Place, a website that publishes relevant information related to a variety of health conditions, that motivation is what helps us push through despite the struggles. In every journey, there will be obstacles to overcome – and if we can keep our eye on what matters to us in the long run, we’ll be more likely to achieve our recovery goals 

Time Magazine so beautifully explained the factors that can go into building one’s motivation for recovery:

Step 1: Connecting with your values. Even in small ways, if your values – such as family time and learning – can be implemented in daily life, major changes will occur in the long run.

Step 2: Find your WHY. Your passion, your purpose, your reason for wanting to turn your life around. Is it your children? Is it the desire to inspire other people? Envision what that passion is and what it would look like if you lived it out.

Step 3: Changing your WHY. As you move along your journey to recovery, you may find that, at times, you’re doing things for the wrong reasons. Reassess your situations and determine if your purpose for pushing forward in recover is truly meaningful – or if it’s a false illusion.

Step 4: Master your craft. Explore ways to become better at what you’re doing. Consider recovery an art – a practice, a lifestyle, a journey with which you can constantly get better at.

Motivation is what gives us that boost. Don’t lose it – and always reassess to ensure that the decisions you’re making are for good reasons. 

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