Drink Responsibly: Why So Many Americans Bypass This Rule

Drink Responsibly: Why So Many Americans Bypass This Rule

It’s a common experience here within the United States; individuals meet up on the weekend, or after work, and begin drinking until they’re belligerently intoxicated. College students experiment with blackouts at parties, and many highschools have their first drink at the age of 14-15. Our society holds such a heavy stigma on addiction, yet social norms seem to perpetuate alcohol use in an almost positive light. In 2016, writer Layla Bryndzia shared her views on The Odyssey, a website that publishes information related to home, communities and more. She explained, “For most college students, a typical weekend starts with happy hour on Friday, going out later that night, getting completely sloshed, waking up on Saturday with a killer hangover, then doing it all over again the next weekend.”

We always read the signs that warn us of drinking and driving, drinking and violence and more – yet why do so many Americans seem to not take this notion seriously?

In 2015, Adweek highlighted the fact that alcohol ads have increased by 400% over the years – and while that certainly perpetuates the ease of buying alcohol over drinking a glass of water, it could very well be the fact that Americans are stressed – and they’re looking for ways to numb the pain. 

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) explains that there are a number of stressors that are placing Americans at higher risk for alcohol intoxication; a new job, a death in the family, moving cross-country, breaking up, getting married and more are all incredibly major life events that can bring out nerves and the urge to drink. In addition to this, daily stressors and living with a mental illness can make it hard to manage symptoms – and in these cases, Americans may bypass drinking “responsibly” in favor of drinking to cope.

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