Brain Stimulation Can Turn Binge Eating On And Off, Research Finds

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Scientists recently discovered that activating specific neurons in the brain induces binge eating. The study was conducted to investigate the mechanisms behind binge eating behaviors which can become common in Parkinson’s disease. The scientists engineered a group of viruses and injected them into a part of the brain- a process called optogenetics. Activating the neurons caused binge eating almost immediately. The study was performed on rats.

Binge eating disorder has only recently become a mainstream recognized eating disorder. Commonly discussed eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa gain more attention for their severity. However, binge eating disorder has become a widespread problem, making it the most highly occurring binge eating disorder and especially common in male populations.

Understanding the way the brain reacts and responds to food is essential for developing new treatment methods for eating disorders. Part behavioral, part compulsive, and part habitual, eating disorders change the way the brain responds to food, weight, and body image. This research lends insight to the idea that brain stimulation could be the reason that binge eating exists, or could lead to greater binge eating treatments in the future.

People who live with binge eating disorder are not capable of controlling their eating once a binge eating episode starts. Despite feelings of being full and wanting to stop eating, they psychologically feel as though they cannot stop eating. Like other eating disorders, binge eating disorder is often a responses to control. Eating disorders are a way for people who feel out of control in their lives- out of control of people, of places, of things that have happened to them, of things that they feel, or things that they don’t feel. Controlling food, weight, and image is a manifestation of not being able to control anything else in life. Binge eating disorder can cause digestive problems, heart problems, and symptoms of other mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Coping with an inability to control one’s eating is a challenge to face in life.


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