Should I See A Therapist?

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Oftentimes we ask ourselves if we need to see a therapist when we are out of options for ourselves. Seeing a therapist can be long term or short term. Therapists use different approaches to confront issues, providing growing opportunities, and ultimately help you heal.

You should see a therapist if…

…it feels like you’re having a harder time than usual coping with life. You aren’t sure what it is, but something has to be wrong. Your emotions feel more overwhelming than they ever have. You can’t seem to keep up with anything anymore and your stress levels are through the roof. Somehow, it feels like you’re falling behind in the most basic of ways. If anything else piles on you, you just might fall apart. You can’t explain why, you just don’t feel like you can cope.

…you’ve recently been through a traumatic event. Current trauma can shake you up. Residual trauma from events that happened to you in your younger years can still be shaking you up. Untreated trauma can evolve into deeper mental health issues and substance use issues. Though you might not be living with symptoms of PTSD, whenever you have difficulty with something, you suspect that it might be because of what you experienced in your past. Friends and family members might occasionally mention to you that it is time for you to work some of your issues of the past out.

…you’re experiencing psychosomatic manifestations. People can be really unaware of what is going on with themselves emotionally. Most often, it takes getting sick to realize that they need to talk about some of their stuff in life. Holistic treatment understands that the physical form and the emotional form are not separate. If you have been detached from or avoiding your feelings for a long time ad are getting sick, it might be time to see a therapist.

…your relationships are struggling. You can’t seem to say or do anything right. You’re struggling to get people to understand you. Nobody seems to be able to tell you what is going on with you. More arguments, more confrontations, more conflict is arising. Sometimes people come to therapy on the winds of relationship problems only to discover the work they need to do for themselves.


Avalon By The Sea offers private therapy in addition to group therapy. Each client can have family participate in family therapy or their partner participate in relationship therapy. Healing is possible. For information on how Avalon can help you start healing today, call us now for a confidential assessment: 888-958-7511


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