Borderline Personality Disorder

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Note: If you are having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Your life matters and you are not alone.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) affects people all across the world, with many of them being women. BPD is typically characterized by an intense fear of abandonment, unstable self-image, self-harm, anger and irritability, and more. Unfortunately, death by suicide takes many people in this community. It’s common with this type of disorder to feel misunderstood and feel an inner sense of turmoil that can’t easily be addressed. For those diagnosed with BPD, self-harm is another devastating occurrence – and the more support that is provided to these individuals, the higher the recovery rate can be.

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a program typically used to help treat BPD and is a structured program that features cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. For many with BPD, the world is seen in “black and white” – that is, people or events may be seen as “one thing” or “another” and it’s rather challenging for those with this disorder to see the in-betweens. There are 4 major areas of DBT that can really help people with BPD in recovery:

  • Mindfulness – focusing on the present moment can help those with BPD approach moments without judgment
  • Interpersonal effectiveness – asking for what one needs, saying “no” to inappropriate demands, and coping with interpersonal conflicts
  • Emotion regulation – being able to better identify and label emotions so that they can ask for help that’s needed
  • Distress tolerance – accepting and tolerating painful emotions in a nonjudgmental way, self-soothing, techniques for distraction, and more

In skills training, individual and group psychotherapy, a person with BPD can develop more tools in their “recovery toolbox” that can help them work through distressing situations and overall reduce their risk for suicide. 

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