7 Great Things About Recovery

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  • Physical Health: within just hours of your last drink or drug, your body chemistry starts to change. As miserable as experiencing withdrawal can be it’s actually a beautiful process. Your Body is taking extreme measure to try and get rid of toxins you’ve been putting into it for years. Though the brain is desperately trying to hold on to whatever chemicals it can and convince the body it needs more, the body is fighting hard to help you get clean. Over time, your physical health restores. You’ll feel better than you have in a long time, even if it takes some time to get there.
  • Mental Health: Drugs and alcohol were helpful for some because it helped turn off or numb out the symptoms of mental health disorders. Unfortunately, the substances eventually made everything worse, rather than better. Recovery is an opportunity to work in treatment and therapy to restore mental health with medication management and other healing processes.
  • Emotional Balance: One of the benefits of working on mental health is the reward of finding balance and regulation when it comes to your emotions. Before recovery, you might have struggled to even identify what you were feeling. Ow, you are able to notice feelings before they come up and help yourself work through them with empathy and compassion.
  • Learning To Live: Most are surprised to find that even regular activities like going grocery shopping feel like all new experiences after getting sober. From one activity and process to the next, you’re learning how to live in a whole new way. You’ve been given a second chance many people who don’t have substance use disorders will never receive.
  • Happier Relationships: When we aren’t going out of our way to hurt people by hurting ourselves, we are able to have happier relationships with them. You learn to be respectful, attend to others needs, maintain healthy boundaries, and make sure your own needs are met as well. Together, these factors create happier relationships.
  • Showing Up: Living life on the constant hunt for the next dose of drugs or alcohol usually meant missing out on a lot of life. Recovery is the time to show up and be present for all that life has to offer.
  • Having Fun: Due to the way drugs and alcohol interact with the pleasure and reward channels in the rain, many fear that they will never be able to have fun again after getting sober. Thi could not be more far from the truth. People find that they have more fun than they did before and are able to enjoy themselves more authentically than ever before.

We know what lies ahead for you after treatment. Let Avalon By The Sea help you get there. We provide treatment to men and women at residential levels for both substance use disorders and mental health disorders. For a confidential assessment and more information on our programs, call 1 (888) 958-7511 today.

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