5 Ways a Residential Treatment Program Enhances Your Focus in Recovery

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Residential treatment programs can provide intensive help to those with a serious addiction or mental illness. While receiving residential treatment, clients temporarily live outside of their homes while being monitored and supervised by a supportive healthcare team. If you’re wondering if residential treatment may be a good fit for you, here are some ways to decide:

  • If you need close supervision
  • If you do not have a supportive, distraction-free home to focus on your recovery
  • If you can take a “time-out” from daily responsibilities for several weeks’ time

Residential treatment programs serve a variety of purposes to help you focus directly on your recovery, boosting your chances for success. Here’s how:

  1. They are grounded in structure. Addiction and mental illness can cause drastic changes in lifestyle habits, such as sleeping and eating patterns. In a residential treatment center, you will have a structured environment with a schedule to follow each day – this will help you establish a normal routine that you can take with you when you return home.
  2. They provide you with everything you need. A residential program will provide you with housing, food, and therapy, all in one place. With no worries of accomplishing each of these things elsewhere, you can place all your attention on bettering yourself.
  3. They help you build support. Between your healthcare team and peers in the program, you will gain a wealth of support; having these connections helps remind yourself of why your recovery is important and how you should continue pushing through.
  4. They incorporate a wide range of effective treatment methods to find what works best for you. Each person is different, so you will respond in a variety of ways to different treatment methods. Residential treatment provides you with the opportunity to take your time in finding what works best so that you can really hone in on your recovery.

However, a treatment center can only do so much to help you focus on recovery; it’s up to you to provide hard work and dedication as well. A 2015 study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found that there are 5 key “rules” to help clients focus on what’s important in their recovery: 1) change your life for the better, 2) be completely honest, 3) ask for help, 4) practice self-care, and 5) don’t bend the rules. No matter your treatment program, be sure to employ these key practices to optimize your success.

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