3 Things You Learn In Therapy

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Therapy usually comes with a negative connotation for people. Spending money on time reserved for talking about your feelings or difficult things in the past sounds unappealing. However, immense healing can occur in therapy, helping someone to feel more free in their life.

  • You Learn How To Dispel Negative Thinking: We commonly misconceive something very grave about ourselves: that we know everything. To be the one person in the world with all of the knowledge about everything and everyone, all the time, would be exhausting. The world exists in four realms of knowing. First, is what we know. Second, is what we don’t know. Third, is what we know we don’t know. Last, is what we don’t know we don’t know. Most of the time, our negative thinking is a form of fantasy, born out of fear and insecurity. We really don’t know if those things are true, were true, or could be true, until we find out. Therapy helps you to let go of your knowing and turn it into learning.
  • You Learn That You Aren’t Perfect (And You Don’t Have To Be): Perfectionism is a myth and a debilitating goal to many. Most often, people are in therapy in order to aid recovery for a substance use or other mental health disorder. Struggling with disordered concepts of perfectionism is a common symptoms for many different mental health disorders, including substance use disorders. Though perfection might seem tangible, it’s truly quite the tall order. Everyone has different reasons for clinging onto the idea of being perfect, and each person’s perfectionism looks a little bit different than the other. Therapy helps you to understand your attachments to perfectionism and learn how to let it go while embracing your wonderful imperfection which make you who you are.
  • You Learn It’s OK To Open Up: many people grow up in homes where emotions simply aren’t talked about, there’s no such thing as a problem, and everything has to be fine. Others grow up in environments where emotions lead to physical or verbal abuse. Sometimes all it takes is one person telling us what we feel is wrong, bad, or something other than okay to cause us to shut down forever. Therapy is safe place, free of judgment and criticism where it is okay to express yourself. You’ll learn more and more that you are allowed to feel and express your feelings.

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