3.1 Million People Tried Out ‘Dry January’ in the UK, but Why Stop There?

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As someone stated on The Guardian when sharing their story of addiction and sobriety,

“Ten years ago I wrote, ‘I can’t believe I’m writing this but being controlled by alcohol is so awful that even giving up drinking forever still feels better.’ Still is, still does.”

For many people all over the world, and especially in the UK, “Dry January” was a month to kick off the New Year with sobriety and healthy habits. Some people considered it a way to drink less, while others consider it a way to begin detoxing from NYE celebrations. Fox News claims that taking a month of sobriety won’t necessary “undo” damage from excessive alcohol drinking in the past, nor should it be an excuse to drink excessively any other time of the year. Whether you participated in “Dry January” or not, why not make a commitment to sobriety each day? There are many benefits that sobriety can provide you with:

  • Mental clarity: Alcohol can bring about confusion, mixed emotions, dizziness, rage, sadness, and more. Sobriety gives you a clear mindset that you can use to live a more balanced life.
  • Financial stability: Instead of spending a lot of money on alcohol, you now have money to spend on new ventures, travelling, school, and more. Sobriety opens more windows of opportunity for you to support yourself and your family.
  • Health: Alcohol can wreak havoc on your body, with some even experiencing inflammatory damage, stomach distress, birth defects, frequent diarrhea, heart damage, lung infections, sexual dysfunction and more. Sobriety bypasses many of these problems because you are not running the risk of developing them from excessive alcohol use.
  • Closer relationships: When you make the decision to remain sober, your friend circle will change as you make friends that have the same recovery goals as you. Those who used to engage in drinking heavily with you may fall to the side as you develop closer connections with people who support your recovery.
  • More family time: Many who abuse alcohol miss out on valuable time with family. By staying sober, you are creating more precious time with your partner, children, grandparents, etc. These are memories that will last forever.

If you want, you can easily continue the tradition of “Dry January” throughout the rest of the year. The key is to take things a day at a time. Each morning, strengthen your determination to place sobriety as a top priority so that you can experience all the wonderful benefits listed above.





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