Will I Survive Detox?

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Beginning your journey to recovery can be nerve-wracking. You may feel fear regarding the unknown, may have hope for the future, or may be experiencing pressure because you want to know that you’re doing the right thing. Seeking help is always the best step that you can take towards your recovery, and detox is the very first component of this. According to Rehab International, detox is the removal of toxins from the body naturally. Although detox may seem frightening, it’s crucial for your overall health and must be completed before you can truly begin your journey to recovery. Here is some valuable information regarding detoxification:

  • The initial period of detox can be painful: sweating, anxiety, agitation, muscle aches, runny nose and insomnia are just a few symptoms you may experience. However, these symptoms are not deadly and will mainly serve as discomfort.
  • There are some overarching behavioral concerns that detox can bring. Violence, symptoms of psychosis, injury to oneself, medical illness, and suicidal thoughts or behavior may occur during detox. If you have an experienced and supportive healthcare team, you will be taken care of because many treatment centers offer around-the-clock care to ensure yours and others’ safety.
  • Drug Abuse, a website that provides information on drugs and recovery, states that you may have a doctor that will prescribe medications to you to help you manage the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you so choose. The National Center of Biotechnology Information states that 24/7 support is only offered for residential or in-patient programs.
  • Previous research has shown that your withdrawal symptoms are impacted by several things: length of addiction, combination of drugs used (including alcohol), dose of the drug taken when you enter detox, existence of co-occurring physical or mental disorders, and half-life of the drug (whether it’s short-acting or long-acting).
  • Proper detox must be done at a treatment center. Quitting addiction or alcohol “cold-turkey” or at home are very risky options that could result in death. Dr. Robert Schwartz of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine explained the dangers to LiveScience.com. “Your body develops a homeostasis with alcohol. As soon as you take it away, you’re upsetting that balance.”

While it may seem daunting, detox is crucial for you to begin recovery. The unpleasant withdrawal symptoms do not last forever, and our technology has created medicines to help counteract the unpleasant feelings. The right treatment center will provide you with 24/7 support during that time to ensure your success and safety.





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