Why Connection Is Essential for Healing

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Why Connection Is Essential for Healing

Healthy connections with others can be something you desire just as much as you resist. This is usually the case with all things that are desired most because it is common to experience fear surrounding that which you most want.

Experiences such as substance use and mental illness can often lead you away from yourself, others, and life as a whole. The antidote to suffering is creating space for connection and allowing it to help you reach your goals for recovery and healing.

Allowing Yourself to Be Supported

If you are used to looking out for yourself, taking care of others, and not feeling safe to receive help from others, actively seeking support can be scary, but it is an integral part of recovering from substance use and mental illness.

Whether it be from your treatment team, a family member, or a trusted friend, allowing yourself to receive support without the expectation of giving support in return is healing in and of itself. It can help you to learn how to better support yourself as you receive the support of others. It also reminds you that you are safe to reach out for help and that allowing yourself to receive support does not make you weak. In fact, this is a sign of strength.

Connection as Food

Connection with those with whom you feel safe can steer you away from any self-sabotaging behaviors you may otherwise resort to, especially in moments when you experience intense feelings of vulnerability and loneliness. Reaching out to someone for connection in these moments can prompt self-preserving behaviors. You may find these helpful behaviors organically become your go-tos in moments of emotional overwhelm.

Because of this, connections can feed you emotionally and spiritually. Just as food nourishes your body, connection nourishes your soul and your mind.

Allowing yourself to receive support and experience connection as food can help you feel more connected to your life and your recovery. Even if the connection feels intimidating at first, with time it can begin feeling safer as you experience it more frequently and naturally.

Connection is not only vital for emotional health, it’s also important for your spiritual health. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how important connection is in recovery. For this reason, we value a holistic approach to healing that allows you to experience connection in a variety of ways that support your healing. Our team of professionals is here to support you as you take strides in your healing from addiction and mental illness. If you are ready to begin your journey to recovery, call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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