When Excuses Just Aren’t Enough

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Most of us know of someone with an addiction; some of us have been asked for money or other resources to help our friend or family member. When this happens, our loved one always seems to have an upsetting story or sad reason for why they need support, but they may never seek treatment. We want to help them and at first, we may even give them everything we are able to offer – but our loved one continues to ask for more and more, and eventually we become exhausted of our time, money, resources, mental and physical energy.  

Setting limits is very important when living with someone who has an addiction. By setting boundaries, you are protecting yourself and your well-being while also ensuring your loved one facing the natural consequences of their own actions. For example, you may wish to inform your loved one that if they are using, you refuse to loan them money or pay their bills. If you feel that your loved one is not going to seek treatment on their own, you may wish to stage an intervention. Planning, gathering information, forming an intervention team, deciding on specific consequences, making notes on what to say, holding an intervention meeting, and following up are all important steps to reach out to your loved one.

There are several reasons for why your loved one may not wish to seek treatment: 1) they don’t want everyone to know that “had to seek help” because of their addiction, 2) they believe treatment is too expensive, 3) they feel life is too hard being sober, 4) they believe they don’t really have a problem, and/or 5) they haven’t hit rock bottom yet.

Educating yourself about addiction is one of the best ways you can prepare yourself to better understand your loved one and what they are going through. Educating yourself, setting limits, staging an intervention, and taking care of yourself are all steps needed when your loved one isn’t taking steps towards their treatment and recovery.





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