What You Don’t Know About OCD

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OCD is a commonly misunderstood and misrepresented personality disorder. Here, we investigate some of what you might not know about OCD.

The Manifestations Of OCD Go Beyond Cleanliness

OCD is unfortunately portrayed through the media as being an obsession of cleaning, organization, sanitation, and more. Tics, habits, and quirks prevent someone with OCD from sitting comfortably in a restaurant where a picture is crooked on the wall or if the setting place was laid off-center. However, the way OCD can manifest goes far beyond such extreme cases. OCD, like many other personality disorders, can be high functioning. Meaning, that there are more internal symptoms to struggle against than repetitive compulsive behaviors. Ruminating thoughts, obsessions, and urges to act on them (compulsivity) can be a constant in their brains. Through treatment and behavioral therapy, many people with OCD learn how to cope with their difficult thoughts and create new patterns of choosing behaviors.

Using “OCD” As A Descriptive Term Is Hurtful To Those Who Live With It

Living with an unmanageable obsession and compulsion problem can lead to minutes upon hours of your life being spent in compulsive behaviors or ruminating thoughts. That is not a description, but a diagnosis. Using OCD as a description instead of a diagnosis is hurtful to those who truly live with the very real diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s possible you’re ruminating thoughts about your laundry getting done led you to do it so perfectly you didn’t have to worry about it anymore. Likely, you were able to let that go until your next load was due and it didn’t cause you distress. For someone with OCD, not doing the laundry perfectly, according to their ruminating thoughts, might lead to a catastrophic or traumatizing event

OCD Is Equally A Mind, Body, Spirit Disorder As Anything Else

There is debate about whether obsessive compulsive disorder is a nature or nurture diagnosis. Meaning, whether or not obsessive compulsive disorder is something people are born with or develop out of defense, typically against trauma. Researchers have found both to be true. Many people with OCD have a fragile spirit, an imbalanced mind, and carry the stress of their tension within their body. Healing from and living with OCD means taking holistic care of the self in every area.

Treating OCD is possible as is a lifetime of recovery with a manageable lifestyle. OCD can lead to harmful compulsive behaviors like substance abuse or self harm. If you think you might be struggling with OCD, call Avalon Malibu today. As one of California’s only certified primary mental health treatment facility, we offer trusted programs with results you can count on to change your life. For a confidential assessment, call 1 888-958-7511.

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