What If I Feel Apprehensive About Treatment?

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Recovery can be challenging, because it involves building a new lifestyle for a better future. If you’ve recently begun a treatment program, you may feel apprehensive about your capabilities; many people who begin recovery have identified with a label – “addict”, for example – that holds them back from their true potential. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET), may help you discover the self-confidence that you need to push through the barriers that addiction tries to enforce on you. MET is designed to help people find new labels of their lives – ones that incorporate happiness, health, recovery, and much more.

In the first session, your therapist will conduct an initial assessment to learn more about your history with substance abuse and your thoughts on recovery. Your therapist may work with you to come up with an action plan, as well as discuss with you some useful coping strategies that could help you in times of need. MET therapists are trained to listen to you rather than tell you what to do – this places the decision-making process in your hands. Your therapist won’t argue with you regarding any thoughts or decisions you plan to make about recovery; rather, they will explore with you all of the possibilities that you could take and help you make an informed decision.

Ambivalence is completely normal when considering a major change. Often a key method for deciding if treatment would be best is to conduct a cost/benefit analysis; talk to your therapist about the benefits of attending treatment and what it could do for your life, as well as some potential challenges you may run into and some hesitancies you are having. On some occasions, addressing these issues may allow you to reconsider if the risks are all that bad – or more, what you may do in situations where these risks arise.

If you’re unsure of whether treatment is the best option with you, schedule an appointment with a professional at a reputable treatment center. Get more information and speak with a therapist regarding your thoughts. Sometimes all it takes is talking to another person out loud so that you can process everything in front of someone who truly cares about your happiness and health.

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