What Happens When I Go To Treatment?

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Holding to go to treatment for support with a mental health disorder or to seek recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is life changing decision. Treatment is an opportunity to heal, regain your health, and learn about how to cope in life with your mental health issue.

Treatment is different for everyone and each treatment facility is a little bit different from the next. However, there are some components of treatment which are similar across the board. Preparing for treatment won’t give you control over all of your  experiences but it will help you be informed for what is coming up during this time of change in your life.


Intake is the second step after the admissions process. During intake you will be given another more thorough assessment. Most treatment centers use a biopsychosocial model. Biopsychosocial refers to biology, psychology and social life. This assessment helps give your clinical team an idea of what your life has been like up to this point from your physical health to your mental health to your social history.

Intake will also include going over the rules, the schedule, and general information for what you need to know. Typically intake only takes an hour or two. Trust that the process is meant to ensure you receive the most individualized program of care possible during your stay in treatment.


Each day of treatment is a full schedule of therapeutic programming designed to help you heal. Individual therapy, group therapy, educational sessions, practical learning sessions, and creative activities will be included each day. Meals and downtime will be part of the program as well. In the evenings you will have the option to attend a sober support group meeting or there might be a fun activity scheduled for all the residents.


Before you know it, you are going to change. Some changes will be small and hardly noticeable. Other changes, on the other hand will be so big they will be undeniable and you’ll know the real meaning of “epic”. You’re going to learn about your feelings, your behaviors, and how to better understand yourself as well as how you relate to the world.


Treatment can be challenging. Your brain and body are learning to balance themselves out which can mean symptoms of withdrawal, depression, and anxiety. However, there will be moments of happiness. One day your laugh will suddenly be louder, your smile will be bigger and more authentic. You’ll start to feel better again, one day at a time.

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