What Do I Need To Know About Borderline Personality Disorder?

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Borderline personality disorder is a difficult personality disorder to understand. The shifting moods, perspectives, boundaries, behaviors, and often times personalities can be challenging for a loved one to understand.

Borderline Personality Disorder Can Start At Any Age

Personality disorders like borderline do not have an age limitation because there is simply no way to control that. Thought to have roots in significant events of abandonment, the starting causes for the development of borderline can happen at any age. Early symptoms of borderline personality disorder are encouraged to get diagnosed or assessed as soon as possible. The longer borderline personality disorder goes untreated, the more severe and complicated the symptoms can become. Since borderline personality disorder often comes with self-harming behaviors including suicide attempts, it is critical to intervene as early as possible. Don’t believe that it’s too early for borderline to happen in someone. It’s never too early to seek treatment for a mental illness.

Borderline Personality Disorder Can Happen For Many Reasons

The cause of borderline personality disorder has remained a mystery to therapists, clinicians, researchers, and loved ones. What causes someone to act so irrationally, live with such a vast emptiness inside them, and never be convinced that they are loved? A traditional point of finger is toward childhood, specifically, the way a child related to their parents. However, the event of abandonment which most professionals believe triggers the deep fear of abandonment and associated behaviors in people with borderline, can happen at the hands of anyone or anything. Abandonment could be real, as in a very real case of being physically or emotionally abandoned. Abandonment could also be perceived, making it real to the person who experiences it.

Borderline Personality Disorder Is Dramatic Attention Seeking

The borderline personality is full of tricks, manipulations, and schemes to try and get the attention of loved ones. More specifically, someone with borderline personality disorder is trying to get validation to soothe their deeply rooted insecurities and abandonment fears. As a Cluster B personality disorder, borderline is categorized as a dramatic personality disorder. Outlandish behaviors, substance abuse, physical violence, verbal violence, and other seemingly dramatic behaviors are not solely attention-seeking, but a need for attention which is deeply dysfunctional.


Borderline personality disorder is not untreatable. Therapy types like dialectical behavioral therapy were designed to help people with borderline learn to regulate their emotions. Avalon By The Sea offers residential treatment programs to individuals with a primary diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. As one of Southern California’s only certified primary mental health treatment facilities, we provide trusted programs with trusted results. Call us now for a confidential assessment and more information: 888-958-7511.

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