What Are The Signs Of Alcohol Abuse?

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We don’t want to make accusations when we are concerned a loved one might be struggling with alcohol abuse. If we push them the wrong way, it could strain our relationship, cause them to drink more, or start an argument. Confronting a loved one about their drinking, or the need to confront a loved one about their drinking, is usually a sign of a drinking problem. If you are not sure, look to these signs to be confident in knowing your loved one is struggling with an alcohol problem.

Advanced Stages

When alcoholism or alcohol abuse is getting to an advanced stage, an alcoholic usually keeps to themselves. They don’t want anyone to know how their problem has progressed. Unfortunately, as they stay more isolated from people, other side effects of their drinking worsen. If you happen to catch any of these signs, you might discover:

  • Drinking to the point of blacking out, losing memory, or forgetting what they just said/did
  • Justifying the use of alcohol to alter their current state of mind; for example, if they are stressed, have a headache, need to “take the edge off”, or whatever reasons they always seem to have
  • They are consistently more anxious, restless, irritable, angry, or unpleasant when they are not drinking or have not been drinking alcohol
  • Social events, family get togethers, and favorite activities are no longer a priority for them. If they do attend, they show up late, are intoxicated, or leave early so they can get intoxicated
  • You’ll go days without hearing from them because they don’t want you to know they’re drinking
  • You’ve found bottles hidden in their room- empty and full
  • They are depressed or very moody
  • Sometimes when you see them they look very ill, are shaky, and sound like they have lost their voice
  • Other family members have pointed out their drinking problem and it has caused problems
  • Despite strained relationships with family members or consequences that ensue from drinking, they continue to drink

These signs may sound like they’re obvious but they are not as obvious as you think. Often these behaviors or symptoms go unnoticed, are shrugged off, or are ignored. Alcoholism is a life threatening mental health disorder that can be remedied through treatment. Avalon By The Sea offers luxury residential treatment for alcoholism in a variety of programs. For more information, call 1 888-958-7511.

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