What are the Benefits of Psychodrama Therapy?

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psychodrama therapy

Jacob Levy Moreno is the founder of psychodrama, a type of therapy that can be used both in groups or in individual psychotherapy. Psychodrama utilizes deep action and movement to work through pressing issues and to develop our understanding of ourselves and others. The Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama states that psychodrama is practiced in more than 100 countries, and was developed alongside Dr. Moreno’s wife, Zerka Moreno. Psychodrama was first recognized as a form of group therapy and then later extended itself into other forms of psychotherapy.

In Moreno and Moreno’s book titled, “Psychodrama: Vol 3: Action therapy and principles of practice”, they stated,

“Psychodrama enables the protagonist to build a bridge beyond the roles he plays in his daily existence, to surpass and transcend the reality of life as he lives it, to get into a deeper relationship with his existence, to come as close as possible to the highest form of encounter of which he is capable”.

Psychodrama therapy allows the person to reenact the past to improve the future. When roles are assigned, the person is encouraged to announce the truth out in the open. This transforms the actor into a truth-speaker who can confront issues with confidence rather than someone who may have viewed themselves as voiceless and unheard before. The feelings that one experiences during role play allows them to transform and gain a unique perspective, whether it be on their own actions and thoughts or the potential actions and thoughts of others that were involved in the situation.

Some group therapists may also incorporate group phrases, such as everyone inviting one person back into the circle or the group explaining to a person why they should be a part of the group rather than sit in the corner. Additionally, the therapist may ask the individual to finish sentences related to why they may be sitting in a corner and/or why they should leave the corner and join the group. This allows for the individual to make new connections and to break old patterns of behavior and thought.




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