Understanding Emotions: 5 Ways Anger Can Be Used For Good

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Understanding Emotions: 5 Ways Anger Can Be Used For Good

We can’t escape those moments when someone – or something – aggravates to the point of no return. Anger begins to boil within, and sometimes it feels almost uncontrollable; despite having such an intense urge to act in a hateful manner, however, we do have choices. In these moments, the choices that we take in how we decide to think and act can have major consequences and can influence our lives greatly. Our society often depicts anger as solely a bad emotion, but did you know there are some good sides to it – as well as some productive ways that it can be utilized?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Dr. Howard Kassinove, a researcher that has been published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, explained that: “…While assertive expression is always preferable to angry expression, anger may serve an important alerting function that leads to deeper understanding of the other person and the problem.”

Even when anger makes us feel like we’re about to boil over, we can use it in a way to influence actions that are for ours or others’ benefit in the long run. Last year, contributor Frances Bridges told Forbes Magazine that there are several ways to use anger to our benefit:

  1. Identify the cause of the problem. Perhaps it’s surrounding yourself with the wrong people or with a job that makes you unhappy; by taking the time to explore the issue, your anger can be used to find out what you really need.
  2. Exercise. Get moving to find a healthy release of stress. You’ll feel better and have a clearer mind for moving forward.
  3. Take your anger as an expression that you need someone to talk to. Seek out a therapist. Use your anger as a motivation for getting to the root of your problems.

Anger is less about controlling you and more about how you choose to control it. Never hold it in – but find healthy ways to work through it. 

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