True Friendships: Creating Lasting Bonds in Recovery

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Finding true friends in recovery helps us form meaningful bonds and avoid loneliness.

Recovery is a brand new experience. When we start the journey, we’re often coming from pasts of isolation, loneliness, and/or friendships built around the use of substances like drugs and alcohol. Many of our family bonds have to be rebuilt from the ground up and in some ways, recovery is a rude awakening. We realize that we have to take an honest inventory of our friendships, relationships with family, and most importantly, our relationship with ourselves. Here, we’ll explore why finding true friendships in recovery is so important to our mental and emotional health. 

The Importance of a Sober Social Support System

A sober support system is vital in recovery, as it’s a time of intense vulnerability and constant learning. We need support. We don’t need to, nor should we have to, go through it by ourselves. We begin to meet like-minded individuals who have addiction and recovery stories of their own. Whether we meet them in rehab, meetings, or another group or activity, we should feel as if we have a social support network of sober friends who we can truly count on to catch us if we fall. In turn, we would do the same for them. A sober social support system teaches us the importance of groups and we relearn how to be reliable and honest friends.

Shared Wisdom and Bonds Through Similar Experience

In recovery, we meet others who have different stories. However, we can relate to these stories. In some ways, they are our stories. We don’t feel as alone, as we’re in a community of people who have experienced similar issues and darkness. We are on a journey together and we can create bonds through these meaningful shared experiences. Oftentimes, our friends in recovery see us at our best and at our worst. We can share wisdom with each other and have a mutually understood language. 

Friendships Help Us Avoid Isolation and Loneliness

Isolation and loneliness are common relapse triggers in recovery. Friendships are one of the best ways to avoid loneliness and isolation and immerse ourselves in a group of caring individuals.

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