The Science Between Addiction and Isolation

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isolation in addiction

When a loved one or friend is battling addiction, it becomes very evident when everything they used to care about – work responsibilities, family obligations, relationships, and more – start being placed on the backburner. They probably don’t discuss personal matters with you nearly as much as they used to. They likely keep to themselves most of the time, and it’s clear to see that they’re not truly happy.

This is because addiction truly isolates us – it forces us into these small boxes filled with obsessions of substance use, and it blocks out everything else that makes up a happy, healthy life.

The Loneliness of Addiction

Addiction has a social component to it – and if a person already feels as though nobody cares about them or nobody can do anything to help them, the addiction is perpetuated. Even for those who tend to gravitate towards isolation, substance abuse can become a response to it and that’s what makes both so dangerous.

Put simply, isolation can occur either before addiction starts, or during it – but either option can pull a person away from living the life they really want.

Why Isolation Leads to Substance Abuse

Research studies that explore the effects of addiction have found that if people feel socially isolated, there is an increased risk that they will use substances to deal with those feelings.

It is a double-edged sword. Many people turn to substances because they are lonely – and many people are lonely because they are addicted to substances. Addiction to drugs or alcohol may not just be an effect of isolation, but also the cause of it.

While alcohol and drugs may seem like a nice distraction, that is all they are. The relief that comes from substance abuse is temporary. The ultimate feeling of emptiness will return – and that is what can be addressed through treatment. You can break the cycle of addiction and loneliness through fellowship and friendship, and by embracing your need for human connection.

We are Here to Help

In truth, addiction lends damaging effects to itself in all ways. People focus on addiction to cover up their unwanted feelings, and in turn, become even more engulfed in the very feelings they’re trying to avoid through substance abuse.
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