The Road to Healing

The Road to Healing

Most of us have experienced some form of trauma whether it happened in childhood or the immediate past. Most individuals that have substance use disorders have also suffered from trauma. The road to healing must begin whenever you decide you are ready to take a look at it. It can feel discouraging at times or it can be overwhelming, however, what is most important is to remember that it doesn’t define you. It is not your identity and you are not unlovable because of it. Patience is a key factor in getting better.

Become aware of how you are feeling. It is important to become aware of how your body and mind respond to certain things. You may realize quickly that there are “triggers” which entice a panic response from your body and mind. By becoming aware of your emotions the next thing to do is allow them to come out. Many people experience panic attacks because they are suppressing unresolved emotions.

They either avoid them because they don’t want to experience them or shove them down as if they don’t exist.
This results in delayed emotional responses or inappropriate responses to situations that you may deem as stressful.

Try keeping a log where you write down whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Maintaining a journal can help you track your progress as well as anything that may be triggering your responses. This is helpful to gain awareness of recurring situations.

Minimize isolation as much as possible. It is our instinct to hide when we feel overwhelmed. When we aren’t feeling well it is understandable that we aren’t going to want to be around people. However, isolation can be destructive to the healing process. If you isolate it can cause you to avoid any pent up feeling or emotion that you may be avoiding further. Connection with others is vital to feeling better. Most of the time your friends have gone through something similar and can help you through it. It is something you must do together because the recovery process isn’t lonely.

Make sure to seek out the necessary support. If you are not going to a professional, it is recommended to do so. It is important, to be honest, and transparent about any obstacles you may be experiencing. The great part about it is you get to choose how the healing process occurs. If at some point you need to stop it is okay to do so, just keep in mind that it is a slow process.

Avalon Malibu has licensed professionals that work with trauma and have a myriad of psychotherapy techniques that will suit your needs. They understand the pain and know the solution and will work with you to help you trudge the road back to healing. If your or a loved one is suffering give Avalon Malibu a call today, professionals will answer any questions you may have (844)-857-5992.

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