The Good and the Bad: Everything You Need to Know About Staging an Intervention

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According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), interventions are a safe, often effective way to confront a loved one with an addiction. Often people with an addiction are in denial, and an intervention allows the person to receive a structured opportunity for them to accept and to make changes before their situation gets worse. Interventions are often staged by friends and family, but coworkers may be involved at times as well. An addiction specialist often serves to intervene and help moderate the conversation. There are several benefits and challenges that come with interventions:

The Good

  • Your loved one will feel supported with the help of a moderator to help them voice their concerns
  • You will be able to present a plan of treatment so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about the research or details
  • You and others will be able to effectively express and provide examples with how your loved one’s behavior has negatively affected you
  • A structured meeting means that you get to plan, prepare, rehearse, and put together everything you and others want to say to your loved one in a way that’s safe for everybody
  • The NCADD states that when done with an interventionist, over 90% of people make a commitment to get help

The Bad

  • Your loved one may not be receptive to your message, but interventionists are trained to help them become more open towards the idea
  • You may have to present some consequences that are painful for you to do, like cutting off contact with the person if they do not seek help. However, Healthline states that no matter the outcome of the intervention, following through with the consequences you set forth is necessary
  • Emotions can make getting your message across more challenging, so you must make sure that you and others are not upset when the intervention begins
  • Having too many people at an intervention can be overwhelming for your loved one – Everyday Health suggests to only have 3 to 6 people who are close to your loved one

As you’re doing the research for staging an intervention for your loved one, make sure you have found a reputable treatment center that can provide a variety of effective methods and a place where your loved one can recover while feeling at home.






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