The Differences and Overlap Between Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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Although panic attacks and anxiety are different, there is an overlap between the two. If you feel like you have been experiencing either one, the proper treatment could help you learn how to cope with symptoms and lessen the intensity of your experience with them.

What Is an Anxiety Attack? 

Anxiety attacks occur when feelings of anxiety, fear, and stress become overwhelming. For instance, you may encounter symptoms such as racing thoughts, shaking, and feeling like you cannot breathe after experiencing persistent anxiety. You may find yourself avoiding events you know may trigger an anxiety attack to prevent the experience of one.

Anxiety attacks can often be predicted and prevented after learning to manage the anxiety itself.

What Is a Panic Attack? 

Panic attacks are typically an experience of panic disorder. For those experiencing panic disorder, panic attacks are almost always recurrent. These attacks trigger intense feelings in the body in response to non-threatening events. Hence, feelings of panic are present even when there is no danger present. Symptoms may include chest pain, chills, fear of losing control, numbness in the extremities, and intense feelings of terror.

Similarities and Differences

The main similarity between anxiety and panic attacks is that they can occur due to some type of anxiety disorder.

The main difference between anxiety and panic attacks is that panic attacks are often unexpected and recurrent. While anxiety attacks are typically recurrent as well, they can also be expected and prevented over time.

Choosing the proper therapy can help you find healthy coping mechanisms for anxiety and panic attacks. It can also lead you to overall self-empowerment, healing, and wellness. For people suffering from an anxiety disorder, it is essential to focus on the underlying causes of anxiety. If you are in a constant state of fear or apprehension, deciding to get treatment can help you regain your life.

Living with an anxiety disorder can negatively impact your life and ability to reach your infinite potential. A therapist can treat your anxiety or panic attacks by focusing on their root causes. While reaching out to a team of professionals can feel intimidating, it is necessary to begin to feel better. At Avalon Malibu in southern California, you will be among a team of professionals and peers that support a safe, secure, and supportive environment for healing. To learn more about our variety of treatment options, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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