The Difference Between Methamphetamine and Amphetamine

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The similarity between these names suggests that there is a base chemical incorporated into both drugs. What exactly are the similarities and differences, though? While both drugs do have something in common, they each create different results in the body and mind. Drug Rehab notes a few distinct differences:


  • A group of stimulant drugs with psychoactive properties that affect the central nervous system.
  • Some other names for this are Adderall, Desoxyn, Dexedrine, or DextroStat.
  • Typical uses are for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obesity, and narcolepsy.
  • This drug can be taken by pill form, crushing and snorting the powder, combining it with water and injecting it, or smoking it by inhaling vapors.
  • Side effects include increased body temperature, hostility, paranoia, increased blood pressure/heart rate, alertness/talkativeness, euphoria, dry mouth, lack of appetite, pupil dilation, heavy breathing, headache, nausea, heart palpitations, tremors, muscle spasms, change in sexual behavior, and more.
  • Prolonged abuse could mean psychosis, psychological issues, behavioral changes, convulsions, coma, or even death.


  • This drug is also known as meth/crystal meth, a stimulant within the amphetamine class.
  • Typical uses are for obesity and ADHD.
  • This drug can be taken the same ways that amphetamine can, except it can also be created into crystal-like form and smoked.
  • Side effects include increased body temperature until a person faints, severe itching, “meth mouth” in which a person has terrible dental and mouth problems such as cracked teeth, changes in thought, mood, and behavior processes
  • Meth is dangerously potent, so overdose is very easy to reach. The consequences of this could mean a heart attack, stroke, or permanent damage to organs.

Although they have similar names, amphetamines and methamphetamines are different. Amphetamines are an entire class of drugs, whereas methamphetamines are one specific type of amphetamine known as meth, or crystal meth. There are several treatment options, but the beginning of recovery involves detoxification. This is a natural process in which the body dispels all toxins from the drug, and is crucial to recover. Detox must be completed by a team of health care professionals, as the withdrawal symptoms can be highly dangerous and even deadly. Treatment for either drug addiction involves cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), group, family, and individual counseling, and more.



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