Teens: Exercise for Mental Health

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teenagers and exercise

Technology has taken over many of our kids’ lives. While they can gain a lot of information from the internet, the fact is that mobile apps, movies and more can be damaging to a teen’s mental health, especially if the user isn’t properly monitored. All too often, parents battle with limiting their teens’ use of technology, thinking that they’ll grow out of it. The reality is that our teens’ mental health is connected to their physical health. If they’re spending more time staring at screens than outside getting exercise, this could be a recipe for disaster.


Previous studies have found that exercise can help our teens and their mental health in a variety of ways, such as:


  1.  By releasing endorphins, which can make them feel happier.
  2. Exercise can lower levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol, providing your teen with much more mental space to work through the challenges of daily life. This means they’ll be more equipped to deal with their stress in healthier ways.
  3. Exercise positively affects serotonin. Maintaining healthy serotonin levels can fight depression and support your teen’s mental health. 
  4. Exercise stimulates the chemical neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which can also help your teen relieve stress
  5. By exercising, your teen is more likely to experience a positive self-image, greater confidence, and more comfortability with themselves


Psychologists have found that exercise can greatly help teenagers work through some of the most challenging issues of their lives. Additionally, by expelling excess energy, teens are less likely to seek out substances and more likely to deal with their issues in healthier ways. If you haven’t already, talk to your teen about getting active. See what their interests are and try to get them involved in something that matters to them, as these years are the best times to get involved in these things.


Need Support?


Sometimes mental health requires support beyond simply limiting technology and screen time. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or substance use issues, its important to seek out the appropriate treatment. Recovery is possible, and you are not alone. At Avalon Malibu, we work tirelessly to guide our clients as they embark on their unique paths of recovery. Our professionals are experienced in mental health and addiction recovery and are committed to working with you towards creating an individualized treatment plant that will best suit your needs. If you’re ready to learn more, speak with a professional from Avalon Malibu today, at 844-857-5992.

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