Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychological treatment used to help treat conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders (SUDs), and so much more. Previous psychologists have discovered the main principles of CBT, which are:


  1. That our psychological problems are based on faulty thinking patterns.
  2. That we can unlearn patterns of unhealthy behavior.
  3. That people struggling with psychological problems can learn better ways of coping with them, which makes the symptoms of our problems much more manageable.


Practicing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


Those who pursue CBT will find that the responsibility is often placed on them. It’s up to them to do the homework and to put into practice what they’ve learned in therapy. Several activities may be practiced in CBT to improve thought processes, such as:


  • Monitoring negative thoughts. Simply observe and explore the negative thoughts and thought patterns – perhaps by recording when negative thoughts arise, how often they come up, and what a typical reaction is to these negative thoughts.
  • Keeping track of what’s happening. Along with taking notes of when negative thoughts arise, describe on a sheet of paper what the negative thought was about. This will help to identify what areas of life are creating discord, potentially leading toward new ways of working through those thoughts.


Ultimately, CBT is about learning how to think differently, thus giving you a boost in your mental health recovery. The next time you’re experiencing negative thoughts or feelings, consider trying one of the above exercises and notice the effect it has on your mental state. 


Treatment Options


If you are struggling with a mental health or substance use disorder, treatment modalities like CBT could make all the difference. Remember that you are not alone, and recovery is possible. Our professionals at Avalon Malibu are here to help. We are committed to supporting you on your journey towards a healthier and happier life. Reach out today and learn about our services, and the many options available to you towards creating an individualized treatment plan, specific to your unique needs and goals. Call us today for a consultation, at 844-857-5992.

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